For those wondering about the origin of my name, I am Armenian. If you are familiar with our traditions and heritage, you know that being Armenian means you absolutely LOVE a good party. Then again, who doesn’t? As far back as I can remember I loved helping my mom plan parties. I always wanted to contribute in some way and grew up to be totally obsessed (I like to think in a good way) with all that goes into planning a cohesive look and feel for an event. From the invitation as the first glimpse into the event, to the choice of the venue, and down to the tiniest day-of details. I love it all! I was born and raised in the Bay Area until moving to San Luis Obispo for college, where I received a BFA degree in Art & Design with a concentration in Graphic Design. Post graduation, I started working for a digital marketing agency doing web design, where I stayed until early 2013 when I finally made the decision to move back to the Bay Area and pursue my passion for event design full time.

I love weddings and was always unofficially helping friends and family plan events. When I got engaged and was finally able to start planning our own wedding, I had an absolute blast. I loved every part of it, even the parts that most would find stressful and frustrating. I believe that is where I thrive. I work well under pressure and love a good challenge. When the year of planning, crafting, designing, and little sleep came to an end, I felt a huge void. It was then that I was able to see everything more clearly. Event planning and design is what I was meant to do. Putting together my Type A personality, organizational skills, and my background in art and design I have been blessed to be able to create a business out of my passions.

Fast forward a few years…In November 2014 our family grew by two little feet. We are so grateful for our baby girl, Alina, who has forever changed our lives for the better.